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PLATE 1a (basic cat £1,000)


PLATE 1b (basic cat £700)

BC1(b)alPlate 1b [AL] 4-margined copy of the constant variety (Spec AS5j) - score through the 'L' square. Tied by a black MX to a 3rd March 1841 cover from Scarborough to Thorncliffe by Sheffield.265.00
BC1(b)fjPl 1b [FJ] 4 good to huge margins, showing part of EJ above. Tied by Black MX –scarce on this plate, and very late use for plate 1b. Cover from Newburgh to Edinburgh, 19th October 1841225.00
Plate 1b [KI] -4 magins tied by red MX to exceptionally clean 8th Feb 1841 cover from Glasgow to Greenock.275.00
Plate 1b [QH] 4-margined copy on a re-directed cover, sent from Northampton to Warwick on 25th Apr 1841, where the 1d black was cancelled by the MX. Redirected from Warwick to London on 26th April, redirection charge marked in m/s '1', arrived in London 27th April where morning duty Tombstone was applied as confirming pre-payment. Visually attractive and very scarce.575.00

PLATE 2 (basic cat £700)

BC2haPlate 2 HA  - 4 close 2 massive margins (showing a tiny part of the marginal inscription on the left, and a part of IA below) tied by a smudged red MX to an unfoled private 25 Jan 41 entire from Richmond to Derby. Red Derby arrival cds on the front325.00
BC2ikPlate 2 [IK] - 4 good margins. Written in New York on 28th October 1840, hand-carried across the Atlantic, and posted in Liverpool on 27th November , where the 1d black was applied.. Interesting letter from the Kennedy correspondence.."…..we had a conversation about your soup kitchen..."  Rare.795.00
BC2jePlate 2 [JE](no ray flaw) 4 margins -tied by a very fine red MX to an 11th Jun 1840 cover from London to Brighton . TP Gray's Inn.295.00
BC2qlPlate 2 [QL] - with 4  good margins,  tied by a fine red MX  to a very fresh and clean 17 Jan 1841 (m/s) entire - written in Peterborough, but clearly posted in Lincoln back to Peterborough, bearing a fine red front Lincoln cds.245.00
BC2riPlate 2  RI - Good to very large margins, tied by Red MX to 26th Aug 1840 mourning envelope from Maidstone to London. Front Maidstone cds and additional receiving house(?) marm.265.00
BC2sdtdPlate 2 [SD-TD] separated vertical pair with 4 margins (SD v.close to touching NW) tied by red MXs to 1 Jan 1841 cover from Edinburgh to Dunfermline.370.00
BC2tcSt2Plate 2TC State 2 with 4 good to huge margins tied by red MX to a 13 Jan 1841 entire from Oxford to Southampton. The stamp shows both strong TRL snd the recut frame line well. Some toning of the cover, but a scarce item. Cat £425 off cover325.00

PLATE 3 (basic cat £900)

BC3acPlate 3 [AC] 4 margins, from London (Charing Cross) to Dublin,  tied to an unfolded envelope by a fine black MX. Red wax seal.265.00
BC3bhPlate 3 [BH] 4 margins, tied to a 19 Jun 1840 cover (no side flaps) from Rugeley to Barton under Needwood by a red MX. 235.00
BC3elPlate 3 EL with 4 good margins, tied by a fine strike of the London Experimental Black MX to a local London entire of16 Oct 1840.(The black MX was used experimentally from Aug 1840, pending the formal change from the red cancellation in February 1841) TP Bromley receiver on face.325.00
Plate 3 FE - very fine, with 4 very large margins (close but well clear at SW), tied by red MX to leave a superb clear profile to a local Glasgow cover od 11th Jun 1840.315.00
Plate 3 MB. Large margins all round, tied by a red MX to an agent's account for the schooner 'Caroline' visiting Cork - a beautiful piece of calligraphy, addressed to Coldstream in Scotland. The account and its covering letter are both datelined Cork (16th and 17th June 1840), while the entire carries a clear receiver cds for Cork  for 17th June. The obverse, however, carries a Dublin 'PAID' handstamp for 18th Jun, while the cancellation on the 1d black is clearly a Dublin Maltese Cross in the same ink. This cover thus continues the mystery as to why there is no recorded use of the Maltese Cross in Cork before September 1840 (see Rockoff and Jackson p80). An attractive an fascinating piece of history.595.00
BC3thPlate 3 [TH]. - 4 margins, tied by black MX to a  1 May 1841 cover (no side flaps) from Brigg to Spilsby. SPILSBY arrival cds on front295.00

PLATE 4 (basic cat £750)

BC4abPlate 4 AB - lovely 4-margined copy tied by the extraordinary orange-red watery MX of Malton (see Rockoff and Jackson p 437 ) to a 16 Nov 1840 cover to Bradford, Clean and very eye-catching 375.00
BC4aiafPlate 4 (AI+AF) both 4 margin tied by red MXs . 14th Sept 1840 cover from Southampton to Manchester. Fine Southampton Penny Post on reverse, Four Posts Penny Post on front. 525.00
BC4blPlate 4 BL, 4 good to large margins tied by red MX to a 16th Oct 1840 (local) cover from  Bristol to Clifton.(I was concerned about the stamp 'belonging', but the Retroreveal colour shift shows clearly that it does)195.00
BC4ddPlate 4 [DD](double "D" - Spec AS23b)  4 margin. Tied by smudged black MX to unfolded entire from Axminster to Chudleigh addressed to Lord Clifford . Axminster cds in red on front , Exeter cds in black on back.  245.00
BC4ljPlate 4 [LJ] with four good to large margins tied by black MX to a 3 May 1841 entire from London to Braintree. 255.00
BC4obPlate 4 [OB] - 4 margin tied by 'broken points' London MX to small 27 Feb 1841 local London cover to Charing Cross - South Audley St receiving office mark in red . Cat £ 750.00265.00
BC4ohPlate 4 OH - 4 margins, tied by unusual - looking MX  to 4 Jun 1841 cover from Dunoon to Greenock.245.00
BC4qhPlate 4 QH - 4 margined, tied by red MX to an Jan 1841 envelope from Dunse to Edinburgh. Black and gold wax seal.215.00
Plate 4[TH] Superb 4-margin copy tied by unusual (distinctive?) red Gatehouse MX on 29th Jan 1841cover to Glasgow225.00
BC4tiPlate 4 [TI] - clean and attractive cover (no side flaps) from. Doncaster (fine cds receiver on front to London, bearing very fine 4-margin stamp tied by a red MX. Most appealing item335.00

PLATE 5 (basic cat £750)

BC5aiPlate 5 AI -4 large to huge margins. Exceptionally clean and unfolded cover from London to Basingstoke, 4th Feb 1841 - last week of the red MX.   295.00
BC5akPlate 5 [AK] - 4 margin tied by red MX to a 4 Feb 1841 cover (no side flaps) from Oswestry to Bangor255.00
BC5blPlate 5 BL - Very fine 4-margin just tied to small envelope from Chesterfield to Edinburgh, 23rd Nov 1840. Stamp placed to left contrary to regulations.215.00
BC5dlPlate 5 DL - Huge stamp, showing parts of CL above, tied to a fine cover from Dublin to London, 26th Dec 1840.245.00
BC5fhPlate 5 FH - 4 margin tied by red MX to 2 Feb 1841 cover from Ashford to Sittingbourne, ASHFORD Penny Post and boxed No 3 receiving house. 335.00
BC5giPlate 5 GI - 4 margin tied by red MX to slightly worn but very scarce cover from Edinburgh to Stromness, Orkney.360.00
BC5kdPlate 5 KD - 4 margin tied by  a fine red MX to a 17 Nov 1840 cover from London to Devonport. Attractive.255.00
BC5oaSt2Plate 5 OA State 2 (Spec AS27) , with 4 good to huge margins tied by a black MX to a very fine entire from Bridgewater to London, 24th March 1841325.00
BC5pgPlate 5 PG. 4 good to large margins, tied by two strikes of a black MX on a part cover from Glasgow to Bristol - 17th March 1841185.00
BC5qiPlate 5 QI 4 close (but well clear) to good margins on cover (no side flaps) from London to Cheltenham via Alton.175.00

PLATE 6 (basic cat £725)

BC6cdPlate 6 [CD] . Crisp 4-margin,showing some plate wear, tied by black MX to 5 march 1841 entire from Cardiff to Bristol.230.00
BC6chPlate 6 [CH] - four close to good margins, tied by a black MX to 25 July 1841 entire from London to Dorchester. TP HIGH HOLBORN EO in ed.195.00

PLATE 7 (basic cat £800)

BC7ebPlate 7 [EB]- close but clear to good margins, tied by a light red MX to an unfolded 23 Dec 1840  entire from Stratfield-Stoney to Newport Pagnell. Date slug error 32 Dec.....!335.00
BC7jkPlate 7 JK - good to huge margins - showing parts of two adjoining stamps, tied by an orange-red MX to a small entire from Dunse to Coldstream. - 16th Dec 1840245.00
BC7kjPlate 7 [KJ] - four even margins, tied by slightly smudged black MX to a very fine unfolded and fresh entire from Bath to London, dated 15 Dec 1842 - very late use for the 1d black.295.00
BC7okPlate 7 OK- ,4 close (but clear) to large margins tied to a cover from London to Edinburgh - November 1840165.00
BC7qePlate 7 [QE] - very close to good margins, tied by red MX  to a local Taunton cover (no side flaps)- 15 Jan 1841, Fine TAUNTON PENNY POST.315.00
BC7sbPlate 7 SB, 4 margin, tied by red MX to an 11 Feb cover from Taunton to Yeovil, Fine TAUNTON PY POST - no rear markings.295.00
BC7sjPlate 7 [SJ] 4 good margins, tied to entire by 2 red MXs to 10th Sept 1840 entire from Delph, near Manchester, to the American Consulate in Leeds (OK, hands up anyone who knew there was an American Consulate in Leeds in 1840!). Very faint strike of the Delph Penny Post. Very scarce usage, and an attractive cover.295.00

PLATE 8 (basic cat £1,000)

BC8bcPlate 8 [BC] - four good to large margins, tied by two strikes of a black MX to a 17 March 1841 entire from London to Old Rain by Aberdeen.245.00
BC8bgPlate 8 [BG] - 4 close to good margins tied by a very fine example of the London 'broken points' MX to a local London envelope to Kentish town . TP Bond St in black.245.00
BC8kePlate 8 [KE] clear to large margins used on entire from London to Faringdon 7 Jan 1841, pre-paid in cash 1d, handstruck '1' with tombstone 'C' evening duty despatch; Farringdon cds receiver (8 Jan) in red, entire readdressed to Highworth, with 1d black paying onward postage, tied by red MX. Very fine.495.00
BC8klPlate 8 KL, 4-margin tied by black MX to local London cover of 14th May 1841.  TP Mile-End345.00
BC8mbPlate 8 [MB] 4 good to huge margins, tied by a red MX to a 7 Jan 1841 entire from Ashton-under-Lyne (red udc) to Kidderminster365.00

PLATE 9 (basic cat £1,200)

BC9hiPlate 9 [HI] 3 margin tied by 1844 cancellation : 491 of Macclesfield. Entire from Macclesfield to Leek dated 20 March 1845. Extremely late use for 1d Black, the adhesive being affixed by wax seal. Fascinating letter between 2 firms of solicitors, arguing about £4!!  Extremely unusual and rare – Cat £1800.00525.00
BC 9jkPlate 9 JK - 4 margin tied by black MX to  a local London cover - TP Moorgate St to Southwark395.00
BC9ngPlate 9 [NG] - 4 good to large margins, tied by a red MX, leaving a beautiful clear profile,  to a very clean 16th December 1840 entire from London (Lombard St) to Portsmouth. An exceptionally fine plate 9 cover,425.00
BC9oiPlate 9 [OI] 4-margin tied to part cover/large piece by red MX - scarcer on this plate. Manchester 23 Jan 1841.195.00
BC 9plPlate 9 PL - 4 margin tied by black MX to  19th August 1841 cover from Aberfeldy to Perth355.00

PLATE 10 (basic cat £3,500)

BC10caSt2Plate 10 CA state 2 - 4 margin tied to 4th March 1841 cover from Sherborne to London - fine Sherborne arrival cds. An exceptionally scarce stamp - cat £1200 off cover - cover slighty toned, but a rare item.575.00
BC10ci Plate 10 [CI] State 1. Fine 4-margin copy, just tied to an unfolded entire (and very clean, save the postmaster's fingerprints!) from Hexham to Brampton, 17th July 1841.355.00
Plate 10 FC  - an exceptionally crisp copy of a plate 10 - 4 margins - just a touch on the frame at the SW of the F square - tied to clean unfolded cover from Ware to London - 21st July 1841 (One presumes that the postmaster at Ware knew that Upper Thames St was in the City of London - it is the address of Vintners Hall). It said that in earlier days Chaucer lived at No 177.245.00
BC10kj2Plate 10 KJ2, 4 margins, tied by very good (for plate 10) black MX to London local cover of 18th Feb 1841. (TP Strand L) Red wax seal 395.00
BC10lgPlate 10 LG good margins , tied to a slightly worn cover from Selby to Burnley, 2nd March 1841. Excellent value for a plate 10 cover.285.00
BC10liPlate 10 LI, fine 4 margin, tied by black MX to 3rd May 1841 cover from Winchester to Tenby. Very slight vertical bend passes through the stamp.295.00
Plate 10 MB. A super, clean and unfolded 3rd March 1841 entire from Reading to Basingstoke, Very fine 4-magined stamp cleanly tied by a clear black MX. Exceptional quality.795.00
BC10ng Plate 10 [NG] Excellent 4-margin copy, tied by clear and lightly struck black MX to small, clean part entire from Bury, 16th July 1841. Holcombe certification in pencil. 335.00

PLATE 11 (basic cat £16,000)


Plate 11 [EB] A very presentable copy with 4 margins, but 2 small nicks out of the lower one. The plate 11 characteristic ray flaw is clear. Faint filing crease, largely disguised by the good MX strike and the fine Stroud cds on the front. Stroud to Edinburgh 10th May 1841. Overall, a very atractive and well-balanced Plate 11 cover. Now catalogued at GBP 15,000.00, this one is great value!

BC11qiPlate 11 [QI]. 3 margins (just in at SE, but also showing part of PI to the left) , tied to an unfolded 29th April entire from Liverpool to Ellesmere. A very presentable example of the scarcest 1d black on cover,. Cat £15,000.1,350.00


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